What We Are Building

A retirement planning app that will revolutionize the ability of individuals to take control of their own financial futures

Quite simply, the best retirement planning tool ever. We are building a retirement planning and tracking app that will revolutionize the ability for individuals to participate in their own retirement planning process. Our app will teach people how to plan for retirement, organize what resources they currently have in place, help them understand what else they need to get in place, and direct them to strategies that can help achieve their financial goals. It will be like having their own personal retirement planner in their pocket. And best of all, the basic version of the app will be free!

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And Receive:

A bigger, heartier “Thank You!” from us, and a better mention on the Benefactors Page on our web site. PLUS… Free download of the app as soon as it hits the Apple Store, with all upgrades and premium features enabled. Also includes a one-year subscription ($20 value) to our bi-weekly retirement planning and economic commentary newsletter (24 issues), which will be delivered via the app.

And Receive:

You get the aforementioned accolades, free access to the premium version of the app, the one-year subscription to the newsletter, plus…. You will also receive access to the beta version of “the Retirement Course”, an online education course that will help you understand the various aspects of the retirement planning process and teach you how to maximize your use of the Retirement Tracker app. This course is being developed simultaneous to the app and will retail for $99 once released.

And Receive:

The web site accolades, free access to the premium version of the app, the one-year subscription to the newsletter, the retirement planning education, plus…. A 50-minute one-on-one retirement assessment and consultation with one of our Retirement Specialists (see our web page www.trguru.com for who they are and their bios). This meeting will focus on teaching you how to assess and manage your retirement planning with the help of the Retirement Tracker app. The first 250 who pledge will save $5 on this incentive! Just so you realize how much we love our backers, we want to point out that these consultations will cost $125 via the website. With everything you get at this level, this reward contains nearly $250 worth of services!